Rachada Thai Cuisine 2014 Anniversary Celebration

Can you believe it? It’s our 6th year at Rachada Thai Cuisine!

This year, in keeping with our tradition at Rachada Thai Cuisine, we celebrated our sixth year anniversary in early May. We officially opened our Thai restaurant in Moorpark, CA in April of 2008. Each year, to celebrate our anniversary, we have the Buddhist monks bless our restaurant and partake in a bountiful Thai feast.

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Our Fifth Year Anniversary at Rachada Thai Cuisine

Rachada Thai 2013 Anniversary - Buddhist Monks Bless Our Restaurant

We recently celebrated our fifth year anniversary at Rachada Thai Cuisine. It has become a tradition that we observe in April each year when we invite the Buddhist monks to bless our restaurant and partake in a bountiful Thai feast. Read the rest of this entry »


Rachada Thai Cuisine Celebrates Our 4th Year Anniversary

Can you believe it? We celebrated our fourth year anniversary at Rachada Thai Cuisine on April 22nd, 2012!

It has become our tradition every year that we celebrate our anniversary at the restaurant with a Thai ceremony and ceremonial blessing from the Buddhist monks.

Rachada Thai Cuisine 2012 Anniversary Ceremony and Banquet

And a big part of the celebration is a tantalizing and bountiful Thai banquet that we prepare for the Buddhist Monks, and all of our family, friends and guests that share in this very special occasion at Rachada Thai Cuisine.

Have a look at some of the pictures from our 2012 anniversary gathering, see below. You can click on the thumbnails to view the full-sized images.

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Southern Singapore Noodles with Yellow Curry

If you love Singapore Noodles, you have to try our latest noodle special at Rachada Thai Cuisine.

Singapore noodles have become a very popular Asian noodle dish, especially here in the US. You might think that Singapore Noodles originate from Singapore. But the truth is, you’ll very likely have difficulty finding this dish anywhere in Singapore.

This popular noodle recipe was actually created by chefs in Hong Kong and Singapore Noodles commonly appear on the menus of many eateries all over Hong Kong.

Singapore noodles are typically made with stir-fried rice vermicelli noodles (thin rice noodles) and the curry flavoring makes this dish distinctive. There are quite a few varieties of this noodle dish, sometimes accompanied with shrimp, beef or small slices of chicken. And Singapore Noodles can be served as a vegetarian dish without any meat as well. Read the rest of this entry »


Holiday Gift Certificates At Rachada Thai Cuisines

Trying to come up with the perfect holiday gift idea for family and friends? How about a gift certificate from Rachada Thai Cuisine?

Mr Snowman says gift certificates are the perfect holiday gift idea from Rachada Thai Cuisine.Mr. Snowman says a gift certificate from Rachada Thai Cuisine is the ideal gift giving idea for your family, friends or office mates.

Of course, what a great way to share your impeccable taste for great Thai food when you give a gift certificate from Rachada Thai Cuisine to someone you love.

And who doesn’t love great Thai food?

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Flooding in Thailand Has Far Reaching Impact

The worst torrential floods in decades continue to devastate Thailand for over a month now.

The floods have affected more than 38 provinces since October 10th, 2010 hitting the northeast region and the rice fields in the central part of Thailand. As of Nov 4th, over 122 people have lost their lives as a result of the floods.

Although water levels have begun to recede in a few or the northern areas, the water levels remain high in most of the provinces.

The water continues to flow from the north down to lower-lying areas in central Thailand including Ayutthaya which is about 80 kilometres north of Bangkok. Read the rest of this entry »


Thai Food For Halloween

It’s Halloween season at Rachada Thai Cuisine.

Spicy Eggplant and Pumpkin is perfect for Halloween

And we love to get into the spirit of Halloween around here. We’ve put up a few scary Halloween decorations around the restaurant.  And we even have a dish or two that’s just perfect for Halloween.

Thai food dishes for Halloween you ask? How about our Spicy Pumpkin with Eggplant. It’s a Chef’s Special and one of the favorites here at Rachada Thai Cuisine.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins. Good ‘ol Jack O’Lantern brings pumpkins to life everywhere with a scary face.

And this famous gourd-like squash is the secret ingredient that brings our scrumptious Spicy Pumpkin with Eggplant to life as well! We stir-fry pumpkin squash, eggplant, onions and green bell peppers with a little garlic, chili and sweet basil for a special Thai flavor that will have you screaming with joy!

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Kaffir Lime – A Unique Flavor In Thai Cooking

Kaffir Lime adds a truly unique flavor to Thai cookingKaffir lime (makrut) is a distinctively fragrant citrus fruit that adds a truly unique flavor to Thai cooking.

There really is no other citrus substitute that can replace the distinctive flavor of the Kaffir lime.

Surprisingly, the juice of the Kaffir lime is not actually used that often in Thai dishes. Rather, the Kaffir leaves (bai magrood) and the zest of the Kaffir lime peel (pew magrood) are the more commonly used parts of the fruit that introduce the unmistakable and unique essence to many Thai dishes.

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Our Second Year Anniversary Celebration at Rachada Thai Cuisine

We celebrated our second year anniversary on April 25th, 2010 with a traditional ceremony and blessing from the Buddhist monks and a sumptuous Thai banquet prepared for all the family and guests in attendance.

Enjoy the photographs taken at the anniversary celebration. Click on the thumbnails to view full-sized images.


You may also be interested in seeing pictures from out first anniversary celebration.


It’s Our Anniversary at Rachada Thai Cuisine

It’s our second year anniversary at Rachada Thai Cuisine. Hooray, it’s time to celebrate!

Can you believe it? This past Sunday, April 11th marks the finish of our second year at Rachada Thai Cuisine.

We began serving great Thai food in Moorpark when we first opened the doors on April 11th, 2008.

It’s been a wonderful two years, primarily because of you our very special customers. We love serving our special brand of Thai food. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the smiles on our happy customers’ faces when they enjoy our delicious Thai food, Rachada Thai Cuisine style!

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