Southern Singapore Noodles with Yellow Curry

If you love Singapore Noodles, you have to try our latest noodle special at Rachada Thai Cuisine.

Singapore noodles have become a very popular Asian noodle dish, especially here in the US. You might think that Singapore Noodles originate from Singapore. But the truth is, you’ll very likely have difficulty finding this dish anywhere in Singapore.

This popular noodle recipe was actually created by chefs in Hong Kong and Singapore Noodles commonly appear on the menus of many eateries all over Hong Kong.

Singapore noodles are typically made with stir-fried rice vermicelli noodles (thin rice noodles) and the curry flavoring makes this dish distinctive. There are quite a few varieties of this noodle dish, sometimes accompanied with shrimp, beef or small slices of chicken. And Singapore Noodles can be served as a vegetarian dish without any meat as well.

At Rachada Thai Cuisine, we make our special Singapore Noodles with thin glass noodles called woon sen in Thai. Thai glass noodles are made from mung beans and are a delicious and healthy noodle variety.

We flavor our Singapore Noodles with a special Thai yellow curry, bean sprouts, chicken and green onions for a truly delicious variation of this popular dish.

If you’d like to try something new and exciting at Rachada Thai Cuisine, why don’t you come in soon for our special Southern Singapore Noodles with Yellow Curry. We know you’re going to love this latest addition to our selection of special noodle dishes.


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  1. Love your food it is the best in the west!

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