Flooding in Thailand Has Far Reaching Impact

The worst torrential floods in decades continue to devastate Thailand for over a month now.

The floods have affected more than 38 provinces since October 10th, 2010 hitting the northeast region and the rice fields in the central part of Thailand. As of Nov 4th, over 122 people have lost their lives as a result of the floods.

Although water levels have begun to recede in a few or the northern areas, the water levels remain high in most of the provinces.

The water continues to flow from the north down to lower-lying areas in central Thailand including Ayutthaya which is about 80 kilometres north of Bangkok.

Although temporary wooden bridges were provided around the areas of Ayutthaya to help residents get from one building to the next, many people are still forced to wade through chest-deep water.

In Thailand, flooding of this magnitude can take months for the water to recede.

Businesses in the flood-affected regions are struggling to survive as both the locals and the tourists avoid travelling to these areas. Many of the shops have been forced to shut down.

In the central and northern regions of the country, the rainy season typically spans from about the middle of May to late September or October. This year, however, the rains started late and are continuing later through the end of  the year as well.

While the most devastating impact is on the unfortunate people in Thailand enduring these hardships, the floods have far reaching affect as well. Many of the agricultural products for export have been severely hampered by the flooding in Thailand.

For example, at Rachada Thai Cuisine we use only the best Thai jasmine rice and Thai coconut  milk that we buy from Thailand through distributors here in Southern California.

With food and crop production severely damaged by the floods, these Thai food products have almost doubled in price. We wouldn’t want to compromise the quality of our Thai cuisine, but we definitely feel the pinch from this additional expense.


The following video shows some of the recent flooding in the Sing Buri province located in the central region of Thailand.

We’re saddened by the devastation that’s hit our beloved Thailand and our best wishes and prayers go out to everyone in Thailand struggling to get through this hardship.

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