Thai Food For Halloween

It’s Halloween season at Rachada Thai Cuisine.

Spicy Eggplant and Pumpkin is perfect for Halloween

And we love to get into the spirit of Halloween around here. We’ve put up a few scary Halloween decorations around the restaurant.  And we even have a dish or two that’s just perfect for Halloween.

Thai food dishes for Halloween you ask? How about our Spicy Pumpkin with Eggplant. It’s a Chef’s Special and one of the favorites here at Rachada Thai Cuisine.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins. Good ‘ol Jack O’Lantern brings pumpkins to life everywhere with a scary face.

And this famous gourd-like squash is the secret ingredient that brings our scrumptious Spicy Pumpkin with Eggplant to life as well! We stir-fry pumpkin squash, eggplant, onions and green bell peppers with a little garlic, chili and sweet basil for a special Thai flavor that will have you screaming with joy!

Of course, you can enjoy Spicy Pumpkin with Eggplant at Rachada Thai Cuisine all year long. Your Halloween pumpkin might be a little scary, but our Spicy Pumpkin with Eggplant is never scary, spooky or frightening. Only delicious with every bite!

But we should warn you. Spicy Pumpkin with Eggplant is so good, it may leave you feeling a little haunted, mysteriously dreaming for more. Even when it’s not Halloween!

Halloween is popular in Thailand!

Halloween in Bangkok ThailandDid you know that Halloween is popular in Thailand? It’s a pretty substantial party on Halloween in Bangkok.

It’s not so much about the ghoulish indulgence with goblins, witches, ghosts and monsters as we enjoy here in the US. Halloween in Bangkok is much more about the party and dressing up in costumes.

Halloween parties in Bangkok typically take place in the bars and night clubs. And some of the more lavish Halloween celebrations continue throughout the entire weekend.

Thais love to celebrate holidays so much that they adopt some of the western festivals like Halloween with great enthusiasm. A popular destination for Halloween in Bangkok is the street party along Silom Soi 4, one of the trendy locations known for fun bars, night clubs, pubs and galleries.

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