Rachada Thai Cuisine in the News

Did you see this? Rachada Thai Cuisine made it onto the news last week. Now it wasn’t a very big deal. And if you weren’t paying close attention, you probably missed it.

So you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about And what does Thai food have to do with the weather? Well, not that much actually. Here’s what happened ….

With the Guiberson fire recently near Moorpark, followed by the rains last week, John North of ABC News was out in Moorpark doing a follow-up story. When we saw the news truck outside the restaurant, we thought maybe the crew was looking for some great Thai food. Well, that wasn’t exactly the case.

Here, have a look …

About half way through the news clip, you’ll see Pam with Nina, a long time customer of the restaurant make a few comments on the weather.

Oh yes, and next time it rains, why not come in for some delicious Thai food. It’s perfect weather for a steamy bowl of tasty noodle soup!


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