Have You Met Bruce Lee, Our Official Restaurant Mascot?

We have an official mascot at Rachada Thai Cuisine. Have you met Bruce Lee? He’s doing quite a bit of swimming these days.

Our Bruce Lee is actually a Silver Arowana fish, native to the Amazon River in South America. The Arowana, sometimes referred to as the Dragon Fish, have shiny armor-like scales, and suggest a resemblance to the dragons in Asian folklore.

Arowana Fish - Bruce Lee at Rachada Thai Cuisine

Bruce Lee now appearing (swimming) at Rachada Thai Cuisine

And Bruce Lee has a partner. This is “Fat Boy”, a Red Parrot Cichlid fish. The popular Red Parrot Cichlid is actually a hybrid, most likely a cross between a South American Cichlid (severum cichlid) and the Central American Cichlid (midus cichlid).

Meet Bruce's partner, Fat Boy, a Parrot Cichlid fish

Meet Bruce's partner, Fat Boy, a Red Parrot Cichlid fish

Fat Boy is a friendly fish, usually very responsive to people. Cichlids are intelligent fish and can often recognize different people and respond to individuals differently.  But don’t be disappointed if Fat Boy doesn’t always come out of his hiding place to say hello. He has to be careful and stay out of the way when Bruce Lee is swimming about. Wouldn’t you stay out of Bruce Lee’s way?

Bruce Lee has quite a personality. Sometimes Bruce just likes to admire himself in the glass. He’s quite a  handsome boy, don’t you think?

Bruce is a handsome boy, don't you agree?

Bruce is a handsome boy, don't you agree?

Our customers enjoy the fish aquarium we have on display in the restaurant dining room. Bruce Lee and Fat Boy are simply part of the family at Rachada Thai Cuisine. And children love visiting with the fish when they come to see us.  We’re not sure what the kids enjoy more, our delicious Thai food or our entertaining fish in the aquarium.

Fat Boy is always happy to see you!

Fat Boy is always happy to see you!

Sometimes Bruce Lee gets a little excited. When he’s hungry and decides it’s feeding time, he will dart back and forth, almost as though he’s demanding some attention. He puts on quite a spectacle, swirling the water and kicking up the bubbles.

Bruce Lee is on the move.

Bruce Lee is on the move.

We hope you come in for a visit soon. And when you do, be sure to say hello to Bruce Lee and Fat Boy at Rachada Thai Cuisine.

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  1. NOOOOO!!! Fat boy died!!! R.I.P. D8 He is buried in front of the restaurant now along w/ other deceased fish -_-

  2. Bruce Lee!!! R.I.P he died on March 1!! The water heater wasn’t working and he died from the cold water! >.<

    It was an untimely death! D:

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