Boba Tea at Rachada Thai Cuisine

Now You Can Find Boba Tea in Moorpark

Thai iced tea with BobaBoba Tea“, often called “bubble tea” has become an immensely popular beverage throughout many areas of the US. In fact, there are beverage shops and chains dedicated to serving every variety and style of boba drink you can imagine.

Boba tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s, and began to spread in popularity to other neighboring Asian countries, Canada and the US from there.

A “boba drink” contains translucent balls of chewy gelatin, made from tapioca, referred to as “pearls”.  The literal translation in Chinese is “pearl milk tea. The “bubble” actually refers to a “bubbling” process used to make certain types of “bubble tea”.

Thai iced tea, a refreshing version of iced tea blended with milk and sweetened with sugar, is a perfect combination with boba.  At Rachada Thai Cuisine, we’re pleased to offer our special Thai iced tea with boba, and Thai iced coffee with boba, both available on our beverage menu. It’s the perfect combination with many of the wonderful dishes we serve, or just enjoy as a refreshing beverage all by itself.

So next time you’re out in the Moorpark area, now you can find boba tea at Rachada Thai Cuisine.

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