Only The Freshest Thai Chiles at Rachada Thai Cuisine

Thai Chiles on display at outdoor fresh Thai market Thai chiles play a distinctive role in authentic Thai cuisine. When people refer to certain Thai dishes as “hot and spicy”, it’s most often the “chile peppers” that they’re talking about that produce this “spicy heat”.  This is not the “temperature” kind of heat, it’s the “spicy” kind of heat.

Thai chile peppers add more than just “punch and kick” to the cooking.  Fresh chiles provide a clean and fresh flavor that gives Thai cooking a bright distinctive quality.

There are many varietals of chiles that are popular in Thai cuisine.  The above picture shows a display of different chiles in an outdoor fresh market in Thailand. The most popular variety of chili from Thailand is called “prik ki nu“, or “bird chile“. We also use jalapeno chiles in many our of dishes.  Jalapeno chiles are popular and freshly available in many of the local markets here in the US.

The key to great Thai cooking is fresh ingredients. At Rachada Thai Cuisine, we only use the freshest chiles available.

We’re also sensitive to our guests and want to insure everyone has a delicious and pleasant dining experience at Rachada Thai.  While we love to share the best that Thai cuisine has to offer, we won’t go overboard with the chili peppers unless you ask.  Of course, if you’re not bashful and like a dish to bring a few tears to your eyes (tears of joy from the chiles, not tears of sadness), just ask and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

When you order from the menu, you can always ask for the spicy level of your dishes prepared either “mild”, “medium” or “hot”. And we’ll always do a “chile check” and make sure you’re aware when you order dishes prepared with chiles.

We do want to clear up a common misconception that Thai food is  “too spicy”.  Great Thai cooking is all about balance. The proper balance between seasoning, herbs and spices including the chiles. When you achieve the right balance right, the flavors jump out, not just the heat sensation from the chiles. Great Thai food can definitely be delicious and tasty without being overpowered by too much “chile spiciness”.

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